What Tools Do Private Investigators Use?

private investigator ottawaVideo Cameras/ DSLRs

As a Private Investigator you are hired to get information. Often times that information is visual evidence, whether it be photographic or video-graphic. We use Nikon DSLR cameras with a telephoto lense for long range shooting. Up close we use standard high quality camcorders.

Hidden Cameras

A lot of times using a regular camera is suspicious, and can gather unwanted attention from the public or the subject of our investigations. That’s when hidden cameras are used. As an example, if have to follow someone into a shopping mall, using a hidden covert camera worn on our person will allow us to gather all the evidence we need.


As a Private Investigators we have access to powerful database systems that contain almost all the information you could want to know about a business or a person. It could be court dates, salary, bankruptcies and more.


A lot of times it’s all about who you know. Knowing people from all wakes of life can really assist a Private Investigator in getting the information they want to know.


There can be no substitute for a highly trained and skilled investigator. Experience and expertise allows Lapointe Investigations to stand above the rest.