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Why Hire A Private Investigator to Run Background Checks

Why should I hire a Private Investigator to run background checks…? A background check is an effective tool for preventive maintenance. It helps you understand the back story behind an individual or business before you invest your resources. It also helps you in making an informed decision on whether or not, an investment is trustworthy[…]

The Reality Of Private Investigation

When many people hear private investigator, all they can picture is an iconic Hollywood private eye with a cigar sticking out of his mouth and wearing a trench coat. He usually drinks brandy, scotch or something on the rocks. He’s a rebel and has very keen investigative skills but cannot fit in an organized police[…]

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Bug Sweeping in Ottawa

  Are you concerned about the safety and privacy of your home, business, our automobile? Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s #1 rated private investigator service, offers electronic bug seeping services designed to detect and remove illicit listening devices, cameras and more. Our team of bug sweeping experts ensure that no matter where you are, you are safe. Our[…]

Private “Detectives” In Ontario

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as private “detectives” in Ontario. Private Investigation is held under strict regulation by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in Ontario. It is very import for the Ministry to have clear lines set out to create a distinction between Police Officers and Private Investigators. It[…]

Insurance Fraud Ottawa

Insurance companies know that  fraud is one of their greatest enemies. When an individual seeks to cheat the system, everyone suffers and pays a price. Insurance companies have a responsibility to make sure they pay legitimate claims, but must also be sure that scams and illegitimate claims are identified and exposed. Of course, in order[…]

Missing Person Investigation Ottawa

Is there someone missing in your life? A person who has disappeared while still owing you money? A runaway  friend or loved one that you want to find? Maybe someone from your past, like a family member or colleague with whom you have lost touch? People are considered “missing” for plenty of reasons. Sometimes they are[…]