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21 Things That We Have Uncovered On Surveillance

As private investigators there are many things that we can determine from surveillance. The following is a list of some of the more common things that we find for our clients during a surveillance investigation. 1. Vehicle information We can determine the kind of car a person drives, it’s condition, model, and year. We can[…]

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Web Proxies

Information provided to you by Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s private investigator service. A web proxy is something you use to change the appearance of your IP address while browsing  online. Doing this doesn’t require any messing about with your internet/network settings. It’s as simple as finding a proxy website, or extension if you use Google Chrome.[…]

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Interview with Trustify

Lapointe Investigations owner, and lead investigator Zachary Lapointe was recently interviewed by Trustify. “We chatted with Lapointe about his journey to become a private investigator, why he created his own agency, and what makes his agency so special from the rest”. To read more, click here! To read our article on Trustify, and how it’s[…]


Trustify, the Future of the Investigation Industry?

This article was written by Zachary Lapointe, Owner of Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s Private Investigator service. A couple weeks ago I was browsing , which is a great community of entrepreneurs where you can give and receive advise or share your thoughts on all things entrepreneurial. It was here where I was seeking marketing advice when I[…]

Relationship Screening In Ottawa

Relationships can often be the center of our lives, and in society today, we have all kinds new and impersonal ways to meet people. Private investigators can perform a background check (otherwise known as a relationship screen) that aims to look for info that would be a sign of concern to you. In the old days, we knew[…]

Divorce Investigations

Divorces can be a difficult situation for everyone. Your relationship is ending and your life is changing in a big way. If your divorce becomes involved in court, you will need someone trusted to assist you and your lawyer in the proceedings. You might have children, so the custody of your children may be your primary concern. You may[…]