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Bug Sweeping in Ottawa

  Are you concerned about the safety and privacy of your home, business, our automobile? Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s #1 rated private investigator service, offers electronic bug seeping services designed to detect and remove illicit listening devices, cameras and more. Our team of bug sweeping experts ensure that no matter where you are, you are safe. Our[…]

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Facial Recognition Software

Written by Zachary Lapointe, Lead Investigator and Owner of Lapointe Investigations. The following are Facial Recognition Databases being used in Canada today: Passport Canada has facial recognition software, with a database containing more than 20 million records of photos of past and current passport applicants. It uses this software to match new applicants with those seeking renewals.[…]

Child Custody

If you are seeking the permanent custody of your child or children, then you understand that courts prioritize the best interest of the child over everything else in child custody hearings. In a situation like this, it is imperative that your attorney has everything he or she needs in order to fight for your rights to care[…]

Relationship Screening In Ottawa

Relationships can often be the center of our lives, and in society today, we have all kinds new and impersonal ways to meet people. Private investigators can perform a background check (otherwise known as a relationship screen) that aims to look for info that would be a sign of concern to you. In the old days, we knew[…]

Missing Person Investigation Ottawa

Is there someone missing in your life? A person who has disappeared while still owing you money? A runaway  friend or loved one that you want to find? Maybe someone from your past, like a family member or colleague with whom you have lost touch? People are considered “missing” for plenty of reasons. Sometimes they are[…]