Signs of a Cheating Spouse

No. 1 Hiding Their Cellphone

We live in an age of technology, and those little devices such as cellphones, tablets and personal computers hold a lot of personal data. So it’s no wonder that a cheating spouse my want to hid a device that potentially contains, e-mails, texts, phone logs and pictures detailing their secretive behavior.

No.2  They are Dressing Better

Who does your lover have to impress but you? Well, maybe it’s time to start thinking about why your spouse has suddenly began dressing, and looking better.  Are they buying new clothes? Frequent haircuts and manicures? Maybe they are just trying to boost their self confidence, or maybe there is something else afoot.

No. 3 Smelling Differently

Is your spouse coming home smelling differently, or even of another woman’s perfume? Alternatively, they may now be wearing cologne when going out, this may be to impress another person, or cover up smells they have picked up.

No. 4 Spending More Money/Hiding finances/Taking out New Credit Cards.

If you have had a joint credit card your whole life, why has he taken out a new one? Probably to hide his spending. Are you finding receipts for strange places, stores, or hotels? Or maybe your spouse is hiding their finances, and not keeping you informed. These are all signs of cheating, as having an affair can be expensive!

No. 5 Being Mean or Hurtful

This is a classic way to take the blame away from themselves. If your spouse is constantly being hurtful or looking for a fight, they are likely creating excuses for themselves to feel less guilty about cheating. If caught, they can blame it on “fighting all the time”.

No.6 Talking About New Women/Men

Is your loved one dropping names of new people you have never heard of or met? We you ask to meet them, do they brush it off? Maybe your spouse talks about how ugly or horrible this person is. Dropping the name of someone they are cheating with is exciting and dangerous, and often cheating spouses do this without even noticing.

No.7 Doesn’t Want Sex

Have you noticed your spouse is now less interested in having sex, and is asking you for sex less often? Sometimes men/women will stop asking, but will continue to have sex with you when you instigate it.  These all bay be signs that they are relieving their sexual desires elsewhere.

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