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Canada’s Greatest Unsolved Investigations

Canada’s Greatest Unsolved Investigations Over the years, thousands of cases have gone unsolved. Most have turned cold and without a trail to follow have become a thing of the past. Private investigators and authorities throughout Canada however, even with their being cold, are still investigating some of these cases. Overall, they have become a mystery[…]

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Why Hire A Private Investigator to Run Background Checks

Why should I hire a Private Investigator to run background checks…? A background check is an effective tool for preventive maintenance. It helps you understand the back story behind an individual or business before you invest your resources. It also helps you in making an informed decision on whether or not, an investment is trustworthy[…]

The Best Surveillance Vehicle

This is going to be a quick and dirty blog update about the surveillance vehicles I’ve used, and the ones I currently us at Lapointe Investigations. There is a lot of speculation about what the perfect surveillance vehicle is, but unfortunately, there isn’t just one vehicle that can be used in all situations. That said,if you’re[…]

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Bug Sweeping in Ottawa

  Are you concerned about the safety and privacy of your home, business, our automobile? Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s #1 rated private investigator service, offers electronic bug seeping services designed to detect and remove illicit listening devices, cameras and more. Our team of bug sweeping experts ensure that no matter where you are, you are safe. Our[…]

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Scam Prevention Vol. 1: Car Hopping, “Car Shopping”

If you’re a car owner, chances are you’ve experienced, or know someone who has experienced this situation: You get up for work and head out of the house, only to notice one of your car doors slightly ajar. Once inside your car, you see your GPS is missing, and the coins in your ashtray are gone.[…]

Witness Locates & Interviews

Attorneys are busy people. Each minute of every working day is full, and the pile of work on your desk never seems to dwindle. Would you like a private investigator who can help you locate your witnesses, facilitate interviews for you, and provide you an accurate report? Why not consider making Lapointe Investigations part of your team?  We will work alongside[…]

Relationship Screening In Ottawa

Relationships can often be the center of our lives, and in society today, we have all kinds new and impersonal ways to meet people. Private investigators can perform a background check (otherwise known as a relationship screen) that aims to look for info that would be a sign of concern to you. In the old days, we knew[…]

The Infidelity Investigation

How the Cheating Spouse Investigation Works Before an investigation is made to determine the fidelity of your spouse, it’s important to understand the steps involved in this process. Step One: Consultation All investigations start with a free consultation. This is the time where you give the investigator the information you have, and your reasons for soliciting this service. We[…]

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

No. 1 Hiding Their Cellphone We live in an age of technology, and those little devices such as cellphones, tablets and personal computers hold a lot of personal data. So it’s no wonder that a cheating spouse my want to hid a device that potentially contains, e-mails, texts, phone logs and pictures detailing their secretive[…]