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How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle

How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle After going through a divorce, the question may arise on who deserves to take custody over the children. A child custody battle is one of the greatest focus areas for any Private Investigator. To win a custody battle, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt[…]

missing person investigation

Missing People: Where and Why They Run

Missing People: Where and Why They Run Annually, a great number of people end up as a missing report in a police station somewhere. While not all the missing people run away from their homes, there is a high number of them, especially teenagers, who do so. This creates a number of questions that raise[…]

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21 Things That We Have Uncovered On Surveillance

As private investigators there are many things that we can determine from surveillance. The following is a list of some of the more common things that we find for our clients during a surveillance investigation. 1. Vehicle information We can determine the kind of car a person drives, it’s condition, model, and year. We can[…]

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What Tools Do Private Investigators Use?

Video Cameras/ DSLRs As a Private Investigator you are hired to get information. Often times that information is visual evidence, whether it be photographic or video-graphic. We use Nikon DSLR cameras with a telephoto lense for long range shooting. Up close we use standard high quality camcorders. Hidden Cameras A lot of times using a[…]

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Cellphone Records

What Information can a Private Investigator access ? At Lapointe Investigations we are proud of our determination and ability to locate difficult to find information, that is often hidden very well. It can take a lot of know how and persistence to locate the right piece of evidence. If we believe the evidence is out there,[…]

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Do Private Investigators In Ontario Need to be Licensed?

  Does Ontario Require a License to be a Private Investigator? Yes. In the province of Ontario anyone performing the activities of a private investigator is required to hold a valid Ontario Private Investigator License and be employed by a licensed private investigator/agency. What are the requirements to get a PI license in Ontario? You must complete the Private[…]

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Web Proxies

Information provided to you by Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s private investigator service. A web proxy is something you use to change the appearance of your IP address while browsing  online. Doing this doesn’t require any messing about with your internet/network settings. It’s as simple as finding a proxy website, or extension if you use Google Chrome.[…]