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How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle

How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle After going through a divorce, the question may arise on who deserves to take custody over the children. A child custody battle is one of the greatest focus areas for any Private Investigator. To win a custody battle, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt[…]

id theft

Identity Theft In Ontario

Below is a quick guide to the four most  common types of theft in Identity In Ontario, Canada. For tips and tricks on prevention, read our Online Personal Information Protection Guide. Identity theft refers to an instance where your legal documentation is stolen and/or exploited in such a manner that causes you harm. Over recent years,[…]

missing person investigation

Missing People: Where and Why They Run

Missing People: Where and Why They Run Annually, a great number of people end up as a missing report in a police station somewhere. While not all the missing people run away from their homes, there is a high number of them, especially teenagers, who do so. This creates a number of questions that raise[…]

ottawa private investigator surveillance

21 Things That We Have Uncovered On Surveillance

As private investigators there are many things that we can determine from surveillance. The following is a list of some of the more common things that we find for our clients during a surveillance investigation. 1. Vehicle information We can determine the kind of car a person drives, it’s condition, model, and year. We can[…]

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Cellphone Records

What Information can a Private Investigator access ? At Lapointe Investigations we are proud of our determination and ability to locate difficult to find information, that is often hidden very well. It can take a lot of know how and persistence to locate the right piece of evidence. If we believe the evidence is out there,[…]

Seven Signs your Spouse is Cheating

Signs of a Cheating Spouse No. 1 Hiding Their Cellphone We live in an age of technology, and those little devices such as cellphones, tablets and personal computers hold a lot of personal data. So it’s no wonder that a cheating spouse my want to hid a device that potentially contains, e-mails, texts, phone logs[…]

How the Cheating Spouse Investigation Works

How the Cheating Spouse Investigation Works Before an investigation is made to determine the fidelity of your spouse, it’s important to understand the steps involved in this process. Step One: Consultation All investigations start with a free consultation. This is the time where you give the investigator the information you have, and your reasons for soliciting this service. We[…]

Child Custody

If you are seeking the permanent custody of your child or children, then you understand that courts prioritize the best interest of the child over everything else in child custody hearings. In a situation like this, it is imperative that your attorney has everything he or she needs in order to fight for your rights to care[…]

Relationship Screening In Ottawa

Relationships can often be the center of our lives, and in society today, we have all kinds new and impersonal ways to meet people. Private investigators can perform a background check (otherwise known as a relationship screen) that aims to look for info that would be a sign of concern to you. In the old days, we knew[…]

Divorce Investigations

Divorces can be a difficult situation for everyone. Your relationship is ending and your life is changing in a big way. If your divorce becomes involved in court, you will need someone trusted to assist you and your lawyer in the proceedings. You might have children, so the custody of your children may be your primary concern. You may[…]