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Identity Theft In Ontario

Below is a quick guide to the four most  common types of theft in Identity In Ontario, Canada. For tips and tricks on prevention, read our Online Personal Information Protection Guide. Identity theft refers to an instance where your legal documentation is stolen and/or exploited in such a manner that causes you harm. Over recent years,[…]

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21 Things That We Have Uncovered On Surveillance

As private investigators there are many things that we can determine from surveillance. The following is a list of some of the more common things that we find for our clients during a surveillance investigation. 1. Vehicle information We can determine the kind of car a person drives, it’s condition, model, and year. We can[…]

Background Check Ottawa

Background checks are a quintessential part of security in today’s world. With businesses increasing their current emphasis on safety and security, the number of employment background checks have increased tantamount. Employers need to be cautious in their hiring. Do you have employees that make you suspicious, that have never been properly screened, who interact with your[…]

Due Diligence Investigations Ottawa

Business and money coexist in a delicate balance. You work hard to provide for yourself, your loved ones, and your company. Before opening a new business, changing up your offerings, or adjusting your pricing, you research, plan, and analyze. You know that due diligence is essential when concerning your financial resources, but it is also critical[…]

Insurance Fraud Ottawa

Insurance companies know that  fraud is one of their greatest enemies. When an individual seeks to cheat the system, everyone suffers and pays a price. Insurance companies have a responsibility to make sure they pay legitimate claims, but must also be sure that scams and illegitimate claims are identified and exposed. Of course, in order[…]