how to fake your death

How to Fake Your Own Death

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by an Algonquin College student writing an article about runaways and how to fake your own death. When her article is complete, you can find the link to it here. Below I have attached the transcript from our interview so that those interested in the topic can[…]

child custody battle investigation

How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle

How A Private Investigator Can Help In A Child Custody Battle After going through a divorce, the question may arise on who deserves to take custody over the children. A child custody battle is one of the greatest focus areas for any Private Investigator. To win a custody battle, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt[…]

id theft

Identity Theft In Ontario

Below is a quick guide to the four most  common types of theft in Identity In Ontario, Canada. For tips and tricks on prevention, read our Online Personal Information Protection Guide. Identity theft refers to an instance where your legal documentation is stolen and/or exploited in such a manner that causes you harm. Over recent years,[…]

unsolved murder of two children bc

Canada’s Greatest Unsolved Investigations

Canada’s Greatest Unsolved Investigations Over the years, thousands of cases have gone unsolved. Most have turned cold and without a trail to follow have become a thing of the past. Private investigators and authorities throughout Canada however, even with their being cold, are still investigating some of these cases. Overall, they have become a mystery[…]

missing person investigation

Missing People: Where and Why They Run

Missing People: Where and Why They Run Annually, a great number of people end up as a missing report in a police station somewhere. While not all the missing people run away from their homes, there is a high number of them, especially teenagers, who do so. This creates a number of questions that raise[…]

private investigator background check

Why Hire A Private Investigator to Run Background Checks

Why should I hire a Private Investigator to run background checks…? A background check is an effective tool for preventive maintenance. It helps you understand the back story behind an individual or business before you invest your resources. It also helps you in making an informed decision on whether or not, an investment is trustworthy[…]