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What Tools Do Private Investigators Use?

Video Cameras/ DSLRs As a Private Investigator you are hired to get information. Often times that information is visual evidence, whether it be photographic or video-graphic. We use Nikon DSLR cameras with a telephoto lense for long range shooting. Up close we use standard high quality camcorders. Hidden Cameras A lot of times using a[…]

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Cellphone Records

What Information can a Private Investigator access ? At Lapointe Investigations we are proud of our determination and ability to locate difficult to find information, that is often hidden very well. It can take a lot of know how and persistence to locate the right piece of evidence. If we believe the evidence is out there,[…]

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Do Private Investigators In Ontario Need to be Licensed?

  Does Ontario Require a License to be a Private Investigator? Yes. In the province of Ontario anyone performing the activities of a private investigator is required to hold a valid Ontario Private Investigator License and be employed by a licensed private investigator/agency. What are the requirements to get a PI license in Ontario? You must complete the Private[…]

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Web Proxies

Information provided to you by Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s private investigator service. A web proxy is something you use to change the appearance of your IP address while browsing  online. Doing this doesn’t require any messing about with your internet/network settings. It’s as simple as finding a proxy website, or extension if you use Google Chrome.[…]

Scam Prevention Vol. 2: Enterprise Fee Scam

Today’s scam prevention tip will be a quick one. Everyone has heard of of the Nigerian Scam, or the Nigerian Prince scam. Enterprise Fee Scheme: The most famous version is the “Nigerian Letter.” It’s an unsolicited request for financial assistance in exchange for a great deal of money. This letter can come in the form[…]

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Scam Prevention Vol. 1: Car Hopping, “Car Shopping”

If you’re a car owner, chances are you’ve experienced, or know someone who has experienced this situation: You get up for work and head out of the house, only to notice one of your car doors slightly ajar. Once inside your car, you see your GPS is missing, and the coins in your ashtray are gone.[…]

Instant Google Street View

As Private Investigators, we use Google Street View quite often. It can be a pain to navigate exactly to the spot you’re looking for using the regular Google Earth and Google Maps interface. Instant Street View has come up with a clever solution for us regular users of the street view service. Simply type in[…]

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Online Personal Information Protection Guide

Written by Zachary Lapointe, Owner and Lead Investigator for Lapointe Investigations, Ottawa’s Private Investigator service. In today’s society hacking, or breaking into others computers, servers, systems, and websites is a prevalent blight. Whether you’re a business owner running a website, or a simple user of the internet, we all face the same challenges when avoiding,[…]

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Interview with Trustify

Lapointe Investigations owner, and lead investigator Zachary Lapointe was recently interviewed by Trustify. “We chatted with Lapointe about his journey to become a private investigator, why he created his own agency, and what makes his agency so special from the rest”. To read more, click here! To read our article on Trustify, and how it’s[…]

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Facial Recognition Software

Written by Zachary Lapointe, Lead Investigator and Owner of Lapointe Investigations. The following are Facial Recognition Databases being used in Canada today: Passport Canada has facial recognition software, with a database containing more than 20 million records of photos of past and current passport applicants. It uses this software to match new applicants with those seeking renewals.[…]