21 Things That We Have Uncovered On Surveillance

ottawa private investigator surveillance

As private investigators there are many things that we can determine from surveillance. The following is a list of some of the more common things that we find for our clients during a surveillance investigation.

1. Vehicle information

We can determine the kind of car a person drives, it’s condition, model, and year. We can gather license plate numbers, and determine the person’s driving habits.

2. Home Appearance and Condition

What kind of house does a person live in? Is it new, or old? Is it undergoing construction, or in a state of disrepair.

3. Daily routines

Do they go out for Tim Hortons at 8:30am every day? Do they hit the gym in the evening?

4. Drug Problems

Most people who do drugs are very good at hiding their addictions, but there is always some evidence left behind.

5. Pass Times

I’ve had subjects with hobbies ranging from pipe smoking to RC plane flying.

6. Work/Employment

Knowing where someone works is essential. You can gather their wage, experience, and who their professional associations are.

7. Hidden Assets (Ex. Property)

The sooner we discover that your husband has a secret condo five minutes from the office, where he takes his secretary for a bit of afternoon fun, the better.

8. Habits 

We often discover someones bad habits. Whether it be daily trips to the casino, or shooting up in truck stop bathrooms.

9. Work associates

We can find out who someone works or does business with.

10. Cheating

Infidelity investigations are  one of the most common jobs assigned to Lapointe Investigations.

11. Undisclosed employment

Is someone not disclosing a second income? We can find that out. 

12. Breaches of contract

Is a franchisee violating their contract by performing work outside their assigned territory?

13. Violations of company policy

Sleeping on the job is child’s play in comparison to some of the stuff we’ve seen on surveillance.  I’ve caught employees taking home company equipment and using it in their own side business. 

14. School

We often have subjects still attending University, all the way to language classes.

15. Bad intentions

This is a call we never like to make: The employee you fired for threatening another employee was just witnessed purchasing a gun.

16. Undisclosed income

We catch people on workers comp claims doing secondary jobs all the time. And they think they’re being sneaky…

17. Prohibited activity

We recently watched a woman who supposedly had a broken and nerve damaged hand, vigorously shake out rugs and take the trash to the curb. 

18. Criminal activity

Some people choose to sell drugs, other people sneak around at night breaking into cars. It’s all the same to us.

19. Personal associates

Who do they spend time with? Do they live with a family or on their own? Who are their professional associates?

20. Scams

That business they you are trying to acquire that sounds too good to be true sounds that way for a reason. The business is fake, and the “owner” sells pot for a living.

21. Anything Else

We can find out what kind of cereal the subject of our investigation eats, if its important to your case.

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